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Are you interested in volunteering for Children’s Home? If so, THANK YOU for your willingness to help further our vision of a healthy community where children and families come first.

Here's a little more about us before we get to know you-

Children’s Home provides a multitude of services. Across over 6 locations, Children's Home serves our community in the areas of community-based programs, specialized education, placement services, and clinical care. Across our 40 programs, 1,700 children and families are impacted per month.

Children’s Home’s clients have various homelife situations. Our primary residential location, Youth Farm, is the home for 50 kids ranging in age from eight -19 years old. In addition, Children's Home also oversees four group homes, as well as independent living arrangements for an additional 40-50 young adults. Across the rest of the agency, clients of Children's Home may reside with their families or in a foster placemenet. No background is the same, but the care they receive is consistently best in class.

Children’s Home’s clients are of all age ranges. Although we do serve children from birth up through age 21, two-thirds of the clients Children’s Home serves are teenagers and young adults.

Volunteering at Children’s Home offers various ways to help, not solely direct service. Do we need one-on-one mentors for clients? YOU BET! Every child placed in our care deserves someone who will spend time with them. To become a mentor requires following a clearance process, which you can learn about here.

There are many volunteer needs at the agency, and finding the right spot for you will take time and information about you, your preferences, availability, skills, talents, and interests. We then need to find a place within the agency that matches those.

We can't wait to get to know you so we can help find your place of impact at Children's Home!

Please click here to start the process by filling out a volunteer application.

For more information, please contact:

Bailey Christian – Volunteer Coordinator
Email Bailey here

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